Slave qualities

The qualities you need to possess to become my slave

Respect, honesty, gratitude, obedience, conviction, constancy, trustworthiness.

A good slave needs some basic personal qualities, or at least needs to develop them, if he wants to be able to serve a Domina, whether she’d be his Wife, his Partner, his Sister, his Girlfriend, his Boss, or simply a Woman.

The qualities here listed are important to build a relationship based on mutual trust and satisfaction.

The RESPECT that is normally owed to everyone becomes central and fundamental in a relationship Domina/Sub. The Domina should be respected as a Person, as a Woman and as a Mistress. Her life deserves the deepest respect; she should be treated as a Noble Lady, she should receive everything she needs to make her happy. It is necessary to be polite (without exceeding; so avoiding to embarrass your Mistress), greeting her in the way that is required in every specific situation, asking for permission before speaking, asking for permission to access some rooms (if you are in her palace), not raising your voice even when you are sure to be right about something. You must respect her opinions. The opinions of a slave may be important but they have to be expressed humbly.

HONESTY, is another extremely important quality to establish a good relationship with a Mistress. Disclosing your family, financial, and personal situation as it is, without lying. Warning the Domina of possible transmittable diseases the slave may carry. Communicating in details anything that could be causing tension in the relationship.

GRATITUDE. Everything that a woman or a Domina gives you should never be considered granted. The time she spends giving you some attentions, a simple smile, the way she welcomes you to her house, the way she allows you certain things, the way she punishes you to educate you, the way she compliments you for having successfully executed a task, the way she confesses a certain weakness or a certain desire, the way she allows us to help her or to satisfy her needs… all of this has to be a cause for gratitude, that needs to be expressed verbally but also felt intimately. A gratitude that should lead the slaves to do everything in his possibility to make her happy.

GENEROSITY.  To donate fully your time, your money, gifts, attentions, to renounce happily to our own space, to the objects you care the most for, will please every Woman, but it is even more important when that Woman is a Domina. You should always ask yourself what you are willing to do, to receive in exchange from a Woman or a Domina a simple attention. You should always worry about what you can do for a Domina and never what she could do for you. Giving your life to someone else means accepting a relationship of slavery 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, for all the time she will deem opportune.

OBEDIENCE. The desires, the needs, the problems of a Mistress become orders to which you will need to obey. You will be exempt only when those orders lead to an illegal action or to a permanent damage to us or our own Domina. In a relationship with a professional Mistress you can be exempt from executing orders only if those could cause problems to the family of the slave. (the relationship should be sane, safe and consensual). With regards to the deeper relationships Wife/Dom and husband/sub, the obedience could also mean the acceptance by the sub of orders from the Dom in important aspects of life: the management of the finances of the family, careers, hobbies, aspects of sexual life (chastity, possibility for the Woman to entertain Herself with several men or Women)

CONVINCTION, perhaps it is more a quality of the Dom. It should inspire her efforts in the education of the slave. But the slave, assuming as his own the desires and the objectives of his Mistress, will need to fight with all his strenght to make her achieve all the objectives she set. He should not complain or surrender even if he is not able to achieve the objects of his Mistress, but his should persist with passion.

CONSTANCY, to keep offering oneself with kindness, humbleness, honesty always pays in life and especially in a complex relationship such as the one between a Dom and a sub. The feelings of adoration, devotion, respect, generosity, and the actions that follow them need to remain constant over time. There may be moments when you will feel to surrender, but perhaps in these moments it is the Domina (wise, compassionate or severe) who will encourage or will push us to keep going.

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