Sissy Marta


Nick: Sissy Maid Marta
Ruolo: Sissy Maid Periodico

Live story 29 may 2008

The day of the departure i was very nervous, Lady Fetishdea and I got up early in the morning and while we were waiting for our chauffeur slave to come, we kept checking that everything was ready before we left. when the slave arrived, he took the two suitcases and put them in the car while Ladyfetish and i got in the car. When we got to the airport the slave stopped in front of the entrance, gave us our baggages and walked away to park the car, after which the three of us had breakfast together, then the slave said bye and left. Ladyfetish and i were sitting and waiting the time of the departure, we didn't talk much, the Lady is not used to get up that early, i was, on the other hand, extremely anxious. Finally it was time to leave and after only one hour we got to Prague. A slave was waiting for us, holding a sign with "OWK" written on it. The slave wore a collar and by that detail i figured out that a new life was about to begin for me. Along the way i tried to rest a little, Lady Fetishdea was instead very calm, as soon as we got to the main entrance of the OWK my stomach started to hurt, it was very painful, i knew that once the door was open a new reality would start. Lady F. told me: "Get ready servant, now you will have to do all the things that i've been teaching you" when she said that her eyes shined, i had never seen that expression into her eyes, so intense, so deep...I couldn't go back anymore. we parked the car in a specific area for the dominatrices, the servant's cars weren't allowed to get into the OWK. I got out the car, when we were on our way to the reception we saw a couple of mistresses who were whipping their slaves. We were given the key of the room and two servants carried our suitcases to the room. Once we entered the room Lady F all sudden ordered me to wear my best uniform, then i had to unpack and put all her clothes in the closet and in the drawers, Lady F. got ready,

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