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Fetishdea e Lady Clarissa

in the afternoon I go visit my dear friend Klarissa bringing with me 2 of my servants. In sight of my beautiful friend, her statuesque body, her long and luscious legs and lovely blue eyes, my servants start stuttering and trembling; to the point that they are unable to light our cigarettes; perhaps because they already know that they will become our human ashtrays.

Rubber Sister & Fetishdea

FetishDea and Rubbersisters trasformation, latex and sex !! Rubbersister Jacline and Mistress FetishDea transform into animated doll Rubbesister Monica that is involved in a sex erotic game between Jacline and Mistress FetishDea during a coffee break. At sex meeting assist unmoved the slave of Mistress FetishDea, that wrapped in a latex catsuit and mask for breathing control, faints at the sight of lesbian sex. Beatiful black and red latex dresses, highest heels and TRUE EROTICISM for a clip with high EROTIC content !!
Rubbersisters – Mistress FetishDea – sissy maid “latex creature

Academy Lesson 1

Academy Lesson 1

Academy for slave Lesson 1 Discipline

Dea Foot Worship

Dea Foot Worship
Adorazione del piede
Feticismo del Latex
Mistress Fetishdea educa lo slave (creatura latex) all'adorazione dei suoi piedi.

Double Session M. Christine

Madame Christine e Lady Fetishdea in sessione doppia usano lo slave dispensa in varie torture

Fetishdea e amica umiliano Slave III parte

Fetishdea e amica umiliano Slave III part

Slave dispensa verrà usato come toilet e poi costretto a masturbarsi sotto la doccia in presenza delle due Mistress

La prossima settimana la terza e ultima parte

FetishDea and Friend humiliate a Slave II

FetishDea and Friend humiliate a Slave  II

Pantry slave will be used like a toilet and then forced to masturbate under the shower in presence of the two
Next week third and last part.


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