Academy for slave

Academy is a program created by me, which I wanted for all those men who are fascinated by BDSM and Femdom, who feel strongly attracted to, but which still struggle to orientate and falterin understanding themselves and their possible participation in a world full of satisfaction and nuances of roles to meet, tasks to adhere to.

In my Academy will reveal the secrets, the beauty, power, and also hardship and suffering that this rich and exciting hidden world, this is my world and if they will be worthy, it will become'your own, there are many ways in which dominant women choose to be called: Mistress, Domina, Lady, Mistress, Miss, but the denominator to them common one: to define one who is placedin a position of superiority, consensual authorities to choose a partner who, exactly, to submit to dominant women.

each Mistress will exercise his power according to your personalityand your needs.

In this academy, you will realize that there is experience and expertise as regards the formation of the submissive and the many slaves who attend are REAL!

The courses, in general, will address the appropriate way to obey the Mistress, the right to speak to the Mistress, how to accept the punishment, how to show appreciation and gratitude whenpressed, how to recognize their own limits, in which category it is possible for the pupil place (it seems strange to say, but, sometimes, the slave can not even analyze them to understand if it'sfetish, masochistic, servile, suitable sissificazione).

Make sure those who follow the lessons in the transformed prototype of the slave perfect total.


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