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Please note the following carefully:
Before sending your email presentation, I highly recommend you to read all my official website, clik on each menu and submenu that will open.
Be polite in your presentation and ask to me with the proper devotion deserves that my LIFESTYLE! (ask to me by: Lady)
It's not accepted bookings in the day, given the refined characted and considered the exclusive service, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required.
Miss FetishDea ensures that all correspondence is handled with the most discretion and confidentiality.
It is important that you know:

I want to tell you that when you decide to bring you into the BDSM world, you should know that you have to be guaranteed safety and respect, only in this way you feel in the best conditions to give really your body and your mind to your educator.
It saddens me to know the number of potential partners who do not feel like to get close to an educator or Mistress to realize their dreams due to a misinterpretation, sometimes some of you don't take into account or aren't allowed to inform you about the guarantees that are offered, if there is no experience, or if there is the skill required by the Mistress that should take care of you.
Others of you feel paralyzed by a sense of inadequacy or shame and by a proper concern for your safety.
It's important that you be discerning when you decide to explore BDSM, and that you demand for quality and reliability.
You should know that I know to be very generous with my energy and that my experience is undisputed, I'm appreciated for the human connection that I love establish with my partner and I'm sure that the respect and mutual respect are the glue for an authentic relationship; if you are a novice and you are approaching now to the BDSM, I suggest to read in detail my website in all of the items on the menu including submenus that open the various pages for your deepening and to develop a language that will help you come to me for describing your desires, interests and limitations and have a satisfying and productive conversation.
I know to place the ideal conditions to conduct the sessions I know to place the ideal conditions to conduct the sessions keeping the situation under control and my dominion over you.
I'm glad to offer training and advices to individuals, couples and Mistress who will be interested to explore, through teaching, the entry into their BDSM trip; if you are trying to better understand yourself or your partner, you will find in Me consulting services for yourself and for your relationships on a variety of topics, including:
-Understanding the origin and the nature of your interest in fetish, feminization, various fantasies and BDSM
-Explore the local BDSM
-Find playing partner who share your interests
-Communication and negotiation techniques for partners of any orientation
I offer a confidential and secure environment with full respect for privacy, where you will not be judged, where you can talk freely about the role that the BDSM plays in your life, you will receive the education, skills and resources to help you to find happiness and fulfillment of your whim.
My consulting services are also extended to creative professionals and journalists who are interested to present an accurate portrait of the BDSM lifestyle in their projects.
Do you want to be privately informed about my news?

To those who want to receive personal notification of my calendar, I recommend to register on my newletters: you will receive an email for my initiative, which is one of my trip, event or site update all e-mail is strictly confidential, PERSONALLY I update my website, no one else has access to my data on it!
is also a model, a performer artist by profession, She will only accept paid work for photo shoots, events and in the figure of special guest.
She accepts works with exchange at par by extraordinary photographers that will guarantee the use of material that will be granted for publication on this site.
Please send your request by email to familiarize the type of work and travel program.
Include information: name, any link to view your work, telephone and e-mail, potential dates, compensation and type of work that you are proposing. Thank you!
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