Events 2011

Feed back of Richard to the Club Pedestal

I was summoned as requested by  Lady FetishDea to the Goddess Room  at Pedestal via the Maitre'D  at the club as Lady FetishDea needed  a slave to meet her need to whip someone with her leather tawse.
As every good slave should do I knelt at her feet to introduce myself. When commanded to worship at her feet and  lick her shoes I did so.  I was told to remove my top and was restrained  to some arm spreaders  leaving my back and buttocks exposed to receive the stinging blows from the leather tawse. It  started lightly at first but building in frequency and strength as time progressed. The blows struck across my body in increasing intensity.
This left the  tell tale signs of the hot marks of the tawse  across my back and buttocks. However, this was  soothed my Lady FetishDea by ice being placed on my marks which cooled the stinging marks which let me enjoy the high I was experiencing further.
I was told to kneel and worship at her feet licking her shoes in thanks for what she enabled me to experience.

Told to redress and dragged to the main room at Pedestal by my collar the results of the experience can be seen for all to see and the fun that was had by all.
slave Richard

Story: fetish party Misano Adriatico

Friday, August 26th I had the pleasure and honor to participate in the fetish event at Misano with the Divine FetishDea.
Before entering the room we had dinner at a nice restaurant with a view over sea. Besides to the Divine and me, there was also the sissy latex creature and a friend of FetishDea.
At table we have enjoyed excellent fish accompanied by fine white wines. The dinner was very pleasant and some customers, sitting next to us, have recognized The Lady.
After paying the bill, we immediately headed for the location venue.
I was very excited and I could not wait to start this new adventure.
Once inside, The Lady began to give me and his sissy the first directives. We had to change us and prepare us as She wished. Then, after having put the leashes, we entered into the heart of the party.
The lady was walking in the room with us on a leash, like two shadows, and She used us in several ways: human furniture, trampling, whipping, bondage, pissing, etc ...
At the party, The Lady has also known a couple with whom she has "played" and made us "play" up to the pushed sex.
The evening then continued on the same wavelength: an extraordinary mix of sadomasochistic practices and sex.
Finally, in the morning around 6.00 am we left and went to the beach where, after being stripped of our clothes for the party, we had a bath in the sea!

March 2011 -An esclusive event by Mistress FetishDea !
Mistress FetishDea  is delighted to introduce you  the "Rubbersisters" presenting their new “transformation creatures” in Vicenza , Italy from 5th to 8th march 
Monica will present their brand new "Moniquin Pants" and the world famous "Gloria Mask” live 

You can personally take part to individual adrenalinic session with Jacline, Monica e Mistress FetishDea  completely dressed in their  latex, corsets and wearing extremely high heels shoes. 
Catch your unique chance to meet the world  sexiest girls !!!! 
The Rubbersisters Monica, Jacline and their friend  Mistress Fetishdea will offer you the possibility  to enter this unique event and join private session,  for well experienced people only !
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