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Last story:Worked for 10 years as a police officer.

We had a small group of 4 women and 4 men. Our boss was always a man. But now we get a woman for the first time as a boss. And on a Monday morning came you mistress Dea within as our new boss. My mouth fell open of surprise. You was the most beautiful woman I had seen in 10 years. You ran very self-confident in your police skirt the offices inside. You are the beautiful woman where every man dreams of. I am the new boss called Dea, you said. From now on I have the leadership here and will certainly change things. The women will from now on dress as women in skirts. You go right now clothed women in your skirts I will inspect your uniform.
You men help me to some stuff to hang in my Office. We walked as meek sheep behind yours. It was already clear who the leader was. We all got a plate with a text to hang. There was a text "women have the Dominion in the world". I had the text "men listen better to their knees". There was a text "women are superior". Now I want you all to read your text aloud. Say it again harder. It was very humiliating for us, but we obey. Our female colleagues had to much to laugh. We had also a whip hanging in your Office. With the text "a woman with a whip knows to convince a man".
Listen carefully to me, I'm going to the next change. Every man is a couple with a woman. The woman is the boss and the man will listen to her. I wanted to protest, but …. Shut Up! I have given you permission to talk? You have from now on only permission to talk like a woman gives you the right to talk. This was the second time this morning that you humiliated me. Repeat what I say "I can only speak as a woman that to me says". And I did what Mistress Dea commanded me. You are together with Christine a couple today.
Christine looked good in her police skirt. Until the day of today I was Christine always bullying and humiliating. But that time was over we now had a new boss, mistress Dea.
At the end of the service we had to come in Mistress Dea her Office. How is it gone Christine today? She asked. I tried to answer but Mistress Dea gained me directly. “Have you learned nothing from this morning Stupid?” mistress Dea asked. Sorry boss, it will not prevent more. No after my punishment will certainly not more. What? I could not believe my ears …. "after my punishment?". Christine go but further, you would tell how it's gone today. Well boss Andrew was not so obedient today. He went his own way and was brutal against me. Exactly what I thought, is this Andrew? Yes Ma'am it is true what Christine says. From now you speak me with Mistress Dea to slave Andrew. Is that clear? Yes, mistress Dea.
It is clear Christine we must learn Andrew respect for women. And immediately she grabbed my arm and pushed me against her desk. Give me your handcuffs Christine! we do that to his wrists. And mistress Dea grabbed her whip of his place. Do his pants from Christine then I can save him well on his ass. After each slap you say a text aloud that hangs in my Office! “Smack” "women have the Dominion in the world" “Smack” "women are superior" “Smack” "men listen better to their knees". Christine giggled laugh. Here I enjoy boss!. But I had to laugh at all. What did Mistress Dea a force. There were tears in my eyes. It was so humiliating as a little boy I got a thrashing on my ass. I could not keep. Tears came down my cheeks. I started Mistress Dea to beg to stop. But Mistress Dea began to laugh. You should hear him well beg Christine. Is he not love if he begs? Yes it is great Christine said. May I also not equally with the whip store? But of course we must get him small Christine. And Christine was a natural talent. The girl what I once wrought was now save me with a whip. Please please I will treat you with respect, Christine stop and I'll obey from now on. My ass did so very much and I cried tears with spouts.
So Andrew you crying like a baby said Mistress Dea. Maybe you are a baby? Christine put his underpants down then we can see whether it is a big boy or a little boy. Hahaha you should see this Christine said you already smiling, I have never seen such a small penis. OMG Christine said, what a small penis!! This, I must tell the other female colleagues. Our macho is in fact a small boy created. That penis earned criminal said Mistress Dea and began to punish my genitals with a hairbrush. Au au au Mistress Dea please stop I began to beg her. Mistress Dea started laughing "it is an art to punish your small Dick" she said. If I stop using sentences of your cock then I have him locked up in a cage. Au au au I begged Mistress Dea please stop him in a cage. But that means that you will be my slave. And that I decide whether you should sit and your cock when you cum. Are you sure you want to be my slave? Oh stop Mistress Dea to punish with my cock please let me be your slave. I will obey you in everything!! And do you want the slave of Christine? Yes Mistress Dea cried I, stop please. And you'll also be the slave of the other women who work here? Yes Mistress from now on I will serve all women here. Good boy! A good decision. Christine give me the cage to than I close this pathetic cock on forever. So there you are macho. Where is now your pride? Where is your power? You have nothing more. We have everything from you. Itself the power over your cock is now Mistress Dea.
How do you find Christine look today? She looks very beautiful, very feminine I replied. Yes indeed said Mistress Dea and you know you're a real man? Yes of course I said. You know that for sure? said Mistress Dea. You should see your state here for us with your cock in a cage and you have to beg us to release him. You find yourself still a man? Well now you so says Mistress not really no. Indeed there is nothing more of a man about yours. So … if you're not a man then you're a woman! And a woman should go dressed as a woman don't you think? Yes Mistress Dea you are right. As you are always right. Well if I'm right, beg me to dress as a woman. Oh no that I'm not going to do it! Oh no said Mistress Dea. Christine I think we need the whip again. No please Mistress Dea no longer the whip. Please Mistress dressing me like a real woman. Beg me to each garment teased Mistress me. Please Mistress may I wear panties? Christine and mistress laughed hysterically when I said that. Beg me to pink commanded mistress. Please Mistress Dea may I wear a pink little panties so that I look like see as a woman. Yes you can slave! May I wear a skirt as Christine mistress? Yes you can slave!
In one day Mistress Dea had me of macho transformed in a sissy whose cock was locked in a cage. From that day I never bullied Christine but obeyed here every desire. In one week time mistress Dea changed our macho men in obeydiend slaves. We had to lick the pussies of our female colleagues every day and beg or our cage los if. The women laughed us out no Sissy's you guys cock remains imprisoned!
Thank you Mistress Dea that I may be your slave!!

Your dedicated slave Andrew.

But i Chose Myt -  February 2012

I can trace back to my nature as a slave of 40 years, when I was a boy of 10 years.

Now I have a family and a great professional and social position, who knows me, says I'm lucky that I do not miss anything, not even the satisfaction that I have created everything I own now alone!
 Today, 50 years of age, realizing what I have always wanted became so strong that nothing of what I have is fine, I feel that to be a complete and accomplished individual, I have to live my innermost desires, and for that let the adventure begin.
 I could not choose the wrong Mistress for my long-desired meeting waited for 40 years, I looked for 40 years for my perfect Mistress, searching on every Femdom site and Dominatrix guide, I memorized all names, disciplines, and every detail of all Mistresses of the world scene; travelling often for work, alone, in Asia, Germany, and France, I could grant me one encounters in each of these nations, but something always went wrong in the approach by mail, but I knew  that for my first meeting I had to choose the best, who would have been able to guide me for achieving my fullness, the Mistress with more quality and guarantees!
 Who plays the best is without doubt Mistress Fetishdea!
 Example of inborn domination, elevated to the highest level of intelligence, to this Woman being LEADER come directly from her Mistress heart.
 The first meeting with Her will always have a special place in my mind.
 Here at last the day of the meeting, I was sitting in my car, my heart raced to madness, I was nervous, worried, not knowing what to expect, but I liked this state of mind, it was a delicious torment and I would not have wanted a different feeling from what I was experiencing.
I followed the instruction received from my Mistress Fetishdea on how to reach Her home, I parked the car where She ordered and immediately after the door opened, so right away that I did not even have time to think and I found I had crossed the threshold of the house and there is Her presence, a regal Woman. She did a slight chuckle seeing my excited, clearly anticipating the prospect of coming across a submissive to his first experience, already at first glance, I realized that She had understood who I am, what my fears and expectations were, Her pale blue eyes shone with happiness for seeing me so submissive.
 Kindly pointed out with Her gloved hand to reach the hall, I was facing with a vision. A very attractive woman, wearing a tight black leather dress, thigh length boots, a vision that exceeded all my expectations, I leaned over the table the white envelope with the gift for this fantastic day that lay ahead.
 She tells me to undress while She looks at me intently, standing naked in front of Her was not at all embarrassed, I was focused only on Her and to do what She ordered.
Her lips parted in a whisper: ''kneel in front of me now'' pointing to the floor, I fell on all fours and I dare not look, I was naked in the presence of Her who had dreamed for 40 years, She whisper: “kiss my boots, slave'' and She wrapped my arms behind the back with black leather wrist bands, the gentle touch of Her hands on my bare arms, my mind was under Her control and all after just 10 minutes in Her presence, She has the power to take over the simplicity with my mind, without using high tones.
I obeyed and kissed Her boots, She approaches me, I felt Her coming and my heart jumped, my mind goes through the years in search of my perfect Mistress and then I had no doubt, I was entranced by this vision, feeling magnificence, well-being, I wanted to be Her forever, Her prisoner.
 She told me to follow her, and as I couldn’t, it's only Her I want, She took the collar that made me wear, pulling me slowly and I lost all sense of time, I would have followed Her everywhere, I would have left everything for Her, I would have lived just for Her, here, this is where I want to belong, She directed me to the garden, it was bare and cold, I was naked, I did not care if I would be seen, She stands before me, smiles, and asks if I want to go, no sound comes out of my mouth, I shook my head, it's like I was hypnotized, enchanted.
 I am walking to 4 feet, the knees should hurt, but I realized, I did not even feel the arms, but it doesn’t matter, She makes me roll on the ground, I do not know where to put my arms, I find a position, She approach , laughs louder now, a sparkle flows into the blue eyes, lifting the tight skirt, comes to my mouth and said: “Open your mouth, keep your eyes open, trusted me, everything is all right'', I felt Her nectar, hot, steaming as the outside temperature is certainly of 1-2 degrees, I would not have thought of everything like this to happen, I had not expected, but this is the most beautiful gift for this day which is the first of my new life.
Everything flows the best, I felt the nectar dropping inside the cavity of my mouth, She says “drink now and reopen your mouth, there's more to come” I'd stay like this for hours, now are no longer drops but a light stream, warm, fragrant but not only that fill not only my mouth but also my mind.
 Casually She got up, put in place the black dress, She looks up to heaven, I am not worthy, but I know that She looked at me and I know She is happy with me, She tells me to follow Her, it takes me a because I have my arms handcuffed and I did not know how to get laid, but I did it, and followed Her as I managed, into the house, She approached the white table, takes cigarettes and matches and smokes a cigarette, slowly, Her lips are pink opaque, the cigarette now has the sign of Her lipstick imprinted on paper, how strong I would like to have that pink sign on my skin, but I know it is a daring even to think.
She approached me, freed my arms, and wave to put my hand forward, She poured the ash that has formed in the palm of the hand I was offering in form of devotion, slowly shakes ash, looking at me, as to blame me for looking at it, She does not speak but I understand what She want, I look down at the floor, She smoked a cigarette and at the end She drops Her saliva on my palm, and brings the cigarette to my palm, I move the hand afraid, and at the same time She slaps my face, a blow that breaks the silence, She said to trust Her, take my hand and off the cigarette on the saliva in my palm.
 I did not feel any burning, I was stupid to be afraid, She folds the cigarette on my palm with a simple gesture, She closes my hand and says I can bring home the butt.
 I will have with me the sign of Her lips forever and I will always have Her in my mind. She said I can get dressed, and with a nod of the head, I thank Her, watch the clock and I can not believe they I spent 2 hours there.
I left the house with the thought of seeing Her again soon and ask permission to talk, She agreed, I ask: ''when can I see You again Mistress Fetishdea?”  She answered: “tonight, in 3 hours, you will join me for dinner. Now goes and be back in 3 hours!”

Amazing, who is going to leave now...
servant successful entrepreneur

Adventure June 2011 Rome

...... here she is, beautiful, ray of sunshine, blue eyes, hair dancing to the rhythm of her walk, is coming to meet me, i'm waiting for the at bar of a star hotel in centrer of Rome, my legs are shaking, I did not think experienced a feeling like 'just to see it get intense, I go out every day with women who are different, beautiful women, elegant, of high society, I'm not a loser timid guy,i'm indeed a''good''and bachelor man, but since I saw photos on the web of FetishDea I could not wait to write her and propose a meeting.
she agred
ed to see me on Sunday afternoon in Rome for lunch. I thought that I would be curious to meet her, but now it is two feet away from me and I can feel the scent of woman mixed with my excitement, I understand that me, hopeless, helpless, I know already 'I would do everything for her, but not to be indifferent, even to gain the interest of her, is here. I do not know what to say, i'm totally paralyzed in an embarrassment that I do not know what to say, thankfully she speaks to me, not embarrassed at all uncomfortable. It reminds me that we have only 2 hours for us and she wants to drink a cool drink right away.

She is a woman with an overwhelming charisma, I remember good manners and do a slight nod to indicate where the dining room is, the staff of 'hotel is fascinated by the charm of Lady FetishDea, a woman is not showy, not very high , what wins is its strength to conquer your soul, mind, willingt, want to touch his skin white and fragrant, the nerve's legs, snappy, will you catch his eyes, you would like to buy the world, give it yourself but you already know 'that it would lose a challenge, I do not think it is easy to center with her, it soon becomes clear that all the interest, which is thirsty for knowledge, to understand, to move, you know, to live.
She looks around to find out what 'that surrounds the large outdoor dining on the terrace of the hotel surrounded by flowers and lemon trees, is close to my ear and whispered softly, he orders a martini for me, white with green tea with a single ice cube, I go washing my hands. Oh, I'll have a bit of time to recover I think.

I breathe a little bit and look around I feel all eyes on me from other guests, my embarrassment is so 'flashy?

After a few minutes FetishDea comes back smiling, walking with a slight but definite trend sexy, slow,she knows to have men's eyes on her .... she knows and plays! she sits, comes just a young waiter, perhaps early twenties, she needs her drink so slowly that I would ask him if he decided to join us or if he leaves, she looks at him straight in the eyes smiling, her legs crossed only to discover knees, wearing a light blouse, impalpable patterned in shades of mottled brown, is so slight that in addition to being transparent mischievously flutters with every movement of his body.
she brings the glass to her lips that has an icy shiver, let's stay here and just asking me to tell about me, looks at me concerned and I feel that I'm being analyzed, every moment I spend with you has the power to make more and more ' My strong desire to know her better, I do not just a meeting, I really want to understand who is the woman in front of me.
she asks for her to order a salad with octopus and ginger sauce, natural water and a flute of champagne.

I order the same thing for me to act quickly to send the waiter away to stay alone with her, eat slowly, telling us as we've known forever.
At the 2 and 30 she decides to go in the apartment we stayed in the Vatican area, we arrive after 20 minutes by car, 20 minutes were used to grant the disciplines that we will face, are no longer genuinely 'interested in the disciplines, to my desires to what 'that I wanted her to teach me, I just lie are interested now, what' he has inside, how it can be conquered, just come to his apartment asking me to take her blouse that you are parading without embarrassment undresses.


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