F.Dea and Sl. Cupboard

29 Agoust 2010


End of summer evening at LadyFetishDea and Her new assistant feet.

After mid august bank holiday LadyFetishDea called me saying that she needed to see me as soon as possible as She wanted to introduce me to Her new assistant, who is learning from Her the secrets of the art of Domination.

I immediately confirmed my availability and started to think who could be Her new Assistant, who I never personally met before.

The appointment is at 4PM at Lady FetishDea retreat.

Being Her cupboard servant, at my arrive, very nervous, I delivered the items bought and filled the cupboard.

I immediately gave my regards to my Lady, on my knees kissing her feet and She immediately ordered me to follow Her in a bigger wing of Her beautiful House.

I was in front of a celestial vision, the new Lady FetishDea Assistant was already there, sitting on a red fabric sofa, wearing lingerie, suspenders, sheer stockings and a total black guepiere; a slave on his knees was licking
Her feet.

I introduced myself kissing Her hand in a perfect style, as Lady FetishDea had tought me: I have been training on this for a long time, as Lady FetishDea is very fussy about it and She had given me a lot of lessons.

She really trains Her slaves to the highest standard and does not forgive any error, any minimum indecision: I always have to repeat many times what I have learnt until I am perfectly confident with it.

The first thing Lady fetishDea tought to Her assistant was how important is to collar the slave.

To be collared is the first sign that You belong to someone and I am very happy to wear LadyFetisDea collar.

She then ordered me on all four to kiss the assistant feet: She was giving me orders with calm but decision, showing the right tecnique to Her assistant and cheking Her progress in the learning process.

She was explaining how important is to control the emotions, to understand the slave's body reaction, and to keep the slave attention and excitement alive, never abandoning him.

She then went through how different part of the body react to a whip stroke.
During this lessons me and the other slave were punished, abused and humiliated both separately by the two Mistresses and then togehter.

The assistant was very keen to learn and very concentrated in Lady FetishDea lesson, although I could still feel the difference of the stroke coming from Her, but this was even more exciting as i was glad to be Her guinea pig and I
considered it as a reward to have this honour.

After one hour they dismissed the other slave, while I am staying.

The lesson went on with me on all four like a dog: Lady fetishDea walked me through the house on a leash, while She was explaining to Her assistant how to properly give orders and how to behave in different circumstances.

Lady FetishDea suddenly started to slap my face: the assitant looked curious and also a bit surprised: Lady FetishDea told Her that I was trained to take it, no matter how painful it was.

They then applied pegs to my nipples and my balls and then tied them while Lady FetishDea was explaining this practice; the assistant was laughing and excited about this.

It all lasted more than an hour and I had such a great time.

I was then dismissed although I gave my availability to be again their guinea pig for the strapon and pissing training.

I really hope to be allowed to be at their feet again for the next lesson, it woul really be a dream for me... and this thanks to YOU, the DIVINE FETISHDEA.

Thank You Mistress...

The cupboard servants

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