Fetishdea e Body Bag

 Una serata ai piedi della DIVINA FETISHDEA

A night, coming back from work, I sat at computer to check the email, as usual. Among various other mails, I found a message from Devine Fetishdea who invited me to Her house for taking pictures with another slave.

Such an invitation made me very happy, since it was a long time since I didn't see Mistress. I did not hesitate and immediately confirmed my participation. While going I was trying to guess what was in Her mind, especially since she had mentioned the other slave.

I arrived at 8 pm and, as soon as I entered, I saw Lady FetishDea dressed with a suit, a caramel-colored blouse, stockings and beige leather sandals. I knelt before Devine Fetihdea and I kissed Her feet.

I noticed another slave in a corner, dressed as a french maid with a black dress, white stockings and a mask. Everything was in latex. He also had high-heels shoes and a wig. Everything was very exciting and, as She wishes, I stripped.

Lady Fetishdea then took a body bag and ordered me to slip into it. The bag was completely built of latex and prevented any movement since it completely wraps the slave from neck to feet and closes with a zip. Only the penis can be extracted from the bag through a zip in order to be used by the Mistress. The sensation was so great that I would have spent hours there.

While staying in the bag, the slave really feels the sensation of being submitted. The slave is prevented from any movement and is completely at Mistress mercy. In that situation, Lady Fetishdea, with the help of the other slave, also put a latex mask on me, she made my laying on the floor and sat on me with her wonderful buttock , while the other slave took pictures to be used on Lady Fetishdea website. After an hour or so, Lady Fetishdea ordered to free me. After being freed, She ordered me to go on all fours and kiss and lick Her feet.

It was such a unforgettable session and the bag, which I had never tried before, was a great experience.

After this, Lady Fetishdea dismissed me. I went home after having spent an unforgettable night at Devine Lady Fetishdea's feet. I would do this again, even every day if asked.

Thank You very much, Mistress Fetishdea.

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