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January 2012  Arrival at Lady FetishDea at 9.00 am.

I wait for a particular day, I'm excited and happy. The Lady has planned shopping in Milan, the capital of fashion, and I have the honour to accompany Her.

Despite the weather forecast is a sunny day, the streets teem with people. The Divine Mistress decides not to waste time and immediately begin to make a tour among the shops of downtown, it is 12 o’clock.
She walked fast through the main streets, Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, Via del Gesu and I, like a faithful dog, follow. I am a bit fearful and confused I do not usually feel comfortable in shops ... I am indeed clumsy!
But the pleasure of accompanying The Lady and admiring Her trying a pair of shoes or a shirt is something beyond description.
In the afternoon we turned almost all the well known boutique in Milan: Hermes, Cavalli, Iceberg, Prada, Luis Vuitton, Paciotti, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Versace, Fendi, Miu Miu and many more.
When we are at the entrance of a shop, I hasten to open the door and wait ... The Lady tell me whether to go with Her or wait out.

It 's nice to see the care and passion with which She checks the various garments and accessories. She is firm, and has a particular attention to detail.
I remain fascinated by Her way of moving, by the way She talks ... and the security and joy She shows.
I stand and admire the beautiful clothing that She decides to try.
When choosing a pair of shoes or boots ... makes me a little sign with Her eyes and immediately I knelt at Her feet to help them wear them.
I notice, however, that She have always to call me, I am not ready, I get distracted by too many things and the Lady is upset from this.
Sometimes I am called to help Her to button a shirt, to wear a shirt
In some cases She calls me because I'm distracted and I follow with proper devotion.
In Miu Miu boutique, The Divine bought a beautiful pair of sparkling black shoes.

FetishDea ordered me to fasten Her shoes while She talked at the counter with the owner. I promptly executed the order regardless the looks from clerks and customers.
After completing the second lap, I find myself, as it should be, having to carry all the bags. The Divine, in addition to the aforementioned shoes, has acquired two exceptional shirts Cavalli, silk in shades of beige, yellow, and white and black trousers, Cavalli as well
Along the street I dare express my opinion on the colour of the boots, but the Lady well cared little of my opinion and, in fact, I was abruptly taken!
Initially I felt bad, certainly not expecting to influence Her, but I never expected a consideration equal to zero ... but then, Mistress brought me in a beautiful place and I immediately forgot my mistake.
We went into the new Hotel Armani, on the top floor of the palazzo, the Lady knows all the places GLAM, we head to the bar on the seventh floor with lift. A luxurious, luminous and refined place.
Here we tasted two glasses of fine white wine and admired the Madonna del Duomo lit that could be seen fifty yards from us.
Finally we went to dinner at the restaurant of the Hotel Four Seasons. Beautiful atmosphere with incredible Christmas decorations ... many snow-covered Christmas trees, orchids and red berries in huge vases of crystal, the background of live piano music that made everything even more special.
There we reached two friends of Lady FetishDea. We drank and chatted with them for another half hour, moving in a red-walled room, a magical atmosphere, then kindly accompanied us in a room in downtown Milan to finish the evening.
Towards midnight Madam began to feel a bit tired ... and I was as well. In the end we spent a beautiful day, but also challenging.
Shortly after we greeted Her friends, we left to return home.
Thanks to the Lady for this fantastic experience.
servant siifelice

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