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Telephone Sessions

I want to give you the opportunity of getting in touch with Me, it will be a way to submit you and get what I want and what you need.

Fix a telephone appointment with me sending an email and I’ll teach you to serve Me in person, when I believe you are ready I could desire to have you serving my female friends that I often invite for an afternoon tea, dinner, nights out, you’ll have to learn how to serve, worship, because I could decide to give you to Them for services of many kinds.

Trust Me, follow Me with devotion, open your hearth, your mind, confide in Me and I’ll help you to overcome your fears, your shyness, I’ll help you to find yourself, to fulfill fully your condition of submitted man. When I have a Vodafone €20 recharge, only then for 10 minutes you’ll be totally in my power for 10 minutes on the phone…

Your scope in life: to please Me, to amuse Me, to obey Me, to spoil Me; a privilege, I am very selective, I love to have around Me TRUE friends, TRUE devotees who have proven to deserve my presence and my attention. Everything must be gained by effort.

Eventually you can speak to me and see me through webcam.

In date and timing to be agreed upon you’ll have the opportunity to receive my orders directly from my voice and watch me while I am enjoying having you groveling at my feet. Also those who still hasn’t had the courage to meet Me, will be able to watch me and hear me life.

Eventually you can speak to me and see me through webcam.

First Step: Charge my Vodafone credit – number 347-33-33-829
Second Step: Send an SMS with the amount you charged and your name
Third Step: My instructions will follow through SMS

Owners of my Poste Pay data will be able to execute the recharge on my card and follow the instructions from Step Two.

Sessione Telefonica


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