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As soon as I opened the door and saw Her, i felt useless, She was a divine figure, i can ensure you that pictures do not make Her any justice. I went in and I knelt before Her straight away…and I started observing Her from the floor.

She did not say anything, but with Her sarcastic smile…I could figure out what She thought of me. Then She dropped some stockings on the floor and with a authoritarian voice She said “Take your clothes off and wear these stockings…my Friends will be here soon for dinner, you have 2 minutes”.
When done, I went to the kitchen…She looked at me and smiled “you ‘d better to stick some rubbish in you stockings otherwise my Friends will think you are a toilet, not a human bin” and She took a banana, peeled it off and put it between my arse chicks.
I honestly think She did that mainly to let me understand who was I charge and who was submitted. She achieved Her goal, considering that a banana between my arse chicks was highlighting my submission status and my desire to be at her service. Shortly after She told me to wear a dog collar and a restraining tool between my legs forcing me to keep my legs open for all night long. Lastly, She tied the restraining tool to my collar with a black leather cord. In that condition, due to the cord being so short, I could stay on my knees or on my four at the most…surely I couldn’t get up.
The doorbell rang, Her Friends were here. Before opening the door, She told me to stay in a corner (like all bins) on my fours and to keep my arse high up showing off my banana…so everybody could instantly understand my role. She also told me not to turn my face toward the guest (unless requested) and She added smiling “Bins do not move!”.
She opened the door, I could not see anything but I could perfectly hear everything. Greetings, Friends thanking Mistress…and shortly after few laughing and smiling started….louder by the minute…and comments such as “ stockings and banana make him look good, if it wasn’t for the rest of him…I could think about fucking him”…
I felt humiliated, but at the same time I could hear those sensual and exciting voices making jokes of me…I wish they never stopped.
Suddenly I heard someone getting close to me, on the wall I could see a shadow…a woman…a beautiful womanly shadow…the noise was getting closer and I started feeling smaller and useless.
Then the noise stopped, absolute silence around, that made me thinking of what it was going on…I knew She was behind me.
I was thinking that a beautiful woman was looking at me, on my mind I was figuring all out…a woman looking over a small pathetic male wearing stockings and a banana between his chicks…highlighting his inferiority, as a human object, a bin!!
Why She came close to me? Time was slow, my legs started trembling, I wished that something happened rather than waiting…then suddenly She said “How do I open this bin…any footpedal?”…and I felt a boots getting into my opened legs….the boots started touching my nuts, it was humiliating but nice…and as I was ordered…I did not move. “I cannot open it in this way!” She said amused…then She slowly started kicking my nuts. Lady Fetishdea had told me not to move and so I did. “Still it doesn’t open”…and talking to the other Mistresses “What else can I do?”…after an other 10 seconds I felt the boots between my chicks, I felt the banana melting down, I did my best not to move…behind me the Mistresses were laughing more and more. Her voice was getting more and more determined but sensual “Nothing to do, but maybe now…”…what She had in mind?
What was She thinking about? She was sadistic, She knew I couldn’t hold it any longer…more time went by…then suddenly, I felt the boots pushing between my chicks again…in every direction…increasing the pressure…I tried to resist…then suddenly I moved since I could not hold it any longer.
All the Mistresses started laughing and I remained tied up in the corner, head down and the banana still on my back…and yet, the most amazing thing, it was that their voices, their comments, their movements, their fragrances…were making that humiliating moment so perfect, such a pleasure for me.
One of the girls told the Lady behind me “look, Your boot is dirty, it must be the banana”…I could not even realise what it was going one that a I was hit by a strong kick on my arse “Pathetic worm, look at my dirty boots, this is your fault, turn around and lick them clean”. I obeyed straight away, when I turned around I gave a quick look to the Lady…and as soon as I saw Her…I was amazed by such a beauty, I was speechless…totally submitted by such a beautiful Goddess. My eyes were magnetically attracted by that beautiful body, as gorgeous as Lady Fetishdea.
She was wearing white fishnets, a brown miniskirt, She was irresistibile, She had long dark hair on her shoulders and breast. She looked at me knowing how inferior I felt.
I was feeling small and useless, I felt I couldn’t do anything, I felt loss and under Her control…physically and mentally submitted by such a beautiful Goddess.
Suddenly the Woman facing me…grabbed my chin with her hands, looked into my eyes with mercy, which made me feel better, but suddenly She said “small pathetic servant, did you forget the boots? Lick them clean!!!”…and She moved the boot toward me, She adjusted her hair, She put Her hands on Her waist, looking upon me…and smiling. My mouth started licking Her boots, like a puppy dog asking for mercy and to forgiven.
Lady Fetishdea, who had fun with Her friends, announced that drinks were ready…so I saw the boots moving away from my mouth…I didn’t move…but the Woman turned around and said:
Written by dustbin, Lady Fetishdea personal servant

Slave Ale  loose her memory


The accident happened in a Sunday morning. Alex was going to Ale. it was few minutes past seven
And the slave should have cleared the bathroom of the mistress, prepare the shower, the breakfast and weak up the Goddess exactly at ten a.m. licking Her feet like every morning since their first date to now.

But that morning someone decided something different for her…

While she was crossing a little secondary road, a car turned very quickly and the slave couldn't avoid the impact…so Alex fold down knocking her head…the last thing she saw was the car's door opening and two beautiful leg wearing elegant black high décolleté get down the car and coming to her.

"How do you do?" said an sensual female voice "Oh   I'm so sorry.."

Alex tried to get up the head to look the kind girl that was helping her…but her eyes didn't work very well she had something like a frog in front of her…and said:"Mi…Mistress"

"what?" said the girl, "what are you saying?" but Alex close the eyes…

Three days later, at the hospital, the slave opened her eyes

"How does she fell, doctor?" said a school friend of hers "She is going fill better day by day" said the doctor. She should come here to do more analysis but today she can go back home. "A what about the memory?" , well, she in confusion now, she remember all more or less but doesn't remember any recent days and it may be possible that she doesn't remember someone or something. But when the memory will be completely recovered? Soon very soon but nobody kwon when it will happened. Alex went back home in the afternoon. Flavia and a friend of hers bring Alex to the home they stayed with her till night than they went away. The slave said good bye to them  and thanked a lot her sister for the help. "You are welcome and sorry because I couldn't come to the hospital quickly" said the sister. Don't worry said the Alex to her sister. And what about the girl who was driving the car? I don't remember. I have never seen her face and she has never come to the hospital. Will you do a denounce against her? Said the sister; I'm thinking about it, before I'd like to have back my memoiry,  answered  the slave. Well I must go back home, if you need something call me, see you and take care. Bye and thank a lot.

Alex close the door and while she was going to the bad…the door bell ringed. Alex opened the door and a wonderful girl with two sensational legs wearing  amazing stoking and black leather boots. Was her..and said Let me enter…alex answered: who are you? So…it's true…you don't remember…said the mistress, we have already met? Of course answered the mistress, ok came in…and alex let the mistress enter.

Would you like something to drink? Yes a coke. While the slave take the coke in the kitchen, the mistress sited  on the sofa. When alex came back with the coke saw the mistress sited and she couldn't avoid the look her legs and her boots. The mistress said : so?!? What are you seeing ? nothing said the slave sometimes it seems that I remember something…for example now it happens with your boots it's strange, isn't it? No, said the mistress…my boots are full of emotions for you my dear alex…and smiled   


it will continue soon


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