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Januar 2012 Milan writh me friend Lisa

January could be your lucky month, cuckold slave: I decided to stay in Milan 2 days and one night in the early days of the year and bring with me my friend Lisa to mortify and humiliate you even more, you are happy, are you not? You're happy because you know how intense my humiliation can be? I believe that you will not want to disappoint our guest, I believe that you will make every effort to show the best of you! I want to look at you while stroking your little cock while she teases you, smiling and showing off her beautiful green eyes... you know you'll grovel at her feet and kiss her boots: it will be so humiliating! I know you well and I know that now you are feeling the desire to masturbate, we know that will be more interesting if you are in chastity for at least 4 days! How can you not take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to spend time with me showing you off to my friend Lisa, it will not happen often you know...
Wanted Sissy Maid for exclusive weekend

You are a lucky "girl" 'cause you will be part of my World.
If you wish to be the premiere in a photo or video sessionor show the beauty of your "new life" in a "maid dress" contact Me telling Me your age and sizes.
I'm an italian gorgeoeus classy real Domina...I live BDSM as a lifestyle...
I "feminized" man in every situation, I alqways love to try new disciplines....feminilization is not an hobby to be but a lifestyle it is in my nature.
I really love men's forced femiization.
I want to encourage and explore your fantasies with me and drive you
thrught the discover of your passions and turns on.

Disciplines we will do are

Anal training
Sissy slut
Slut trainng
Toilet assistent for Mistress

Summer 2010
Date will be announced in next days

A dream that comes true, a Woman who has written and still writes fundamental pages in the BDSM world will be my guess with her personal slave: Lady Femina! For three days, dear slaves, you will be able to submit yourself to her and I with personal sessions, even in couples with other slaves or individually, all of it may be with a very particular dinner!
We offer you the chance to be pictured for your own future reference.
Come on, let’s contact me, propose yourself, I want many of you to enjoy this “not to be missed” event!


Seleziono veri devoti

utili per  traduzioni dall'italiano all' inglese per il Mio sito,  il Mio FORUM e  le conversazioni via e-mail con le Mie amiche Mistress !
MandateMi una mail dimostrando serieta' ed affidabilita' !

Lady Fetishdea and sissi marta

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