Servo poeta


Nick: Slave poet
City: Milano
Ruolo: Secretair poet credit card telephone

I  tried chastity for 13 continuosly days,it was been very difficult,but I did resist,and I was very happy,donate my chastity to my Lady Fetishdea was been a natural submissive act for She. Now,5th August 2008,I'm on forced is hard,but I resist, because my Lady likes it, and if She likes something,this desires is only an order for me,Her slave. During this period my mood is very sensitive,one moment I'm happy,few seconds after I have extremely need to hear my Lady. I ever need Lady Fetishdea, I'm nothing without She,and when She understands that I'm near the limit,punctually She concedes me to hear her voice. My Lady is Wonderful, She is very severe, but also very sweetly with me,if I deserve it. Her control is total, increases daily,my mind is on Her hands,Lady cans do what She prefer at all times.i'm as one of Her fidelity dog, waiting my Owner for walk. And being in forced chastity have the only result to accentuate this sensations,with only one result: Feel myself absolutely slave of Lady Fetishdea, without She I should be an USELESS man 

Slave poet

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