London Slave

Arrival 26.04.2008
From virtual to real life slavery
Today is a special day that i will remember forever: i personally met Lady Fetishdea after some months spent as Her Web slave. And today i also become Her 24/7 slave: what has been just a dream is now a fascinating reality, as i don t know what to expect, but i am happy to obey any order She will give me. i had the opportunity to visit Her dungeon and Her beautiful house, and my first duty will be to keep them always clean and in order. i will keep you updated of future developments.
Lady Fetishdea and i would like to thank slave POKOTO sa it was throgh him i got to meet Lady Fetishdea
Today is my third happy day under Lady Fetishdea. i spend most of my time beetwen house chores and computer work. Goddess is very demanding and strict, and if She notices that i am slow in what i do, or not as efficient as She expects, She shows me where i fail by telling me off or slapping my face. it will take a bit of time, but i am willing to improve and learn to serve Her as She deserves. since i arrived my mind is focused on Her and the things i have to do for Her, there is no room for anything else, and i am craving for a command or a signal from Her.
The OWK Celebrations will be on in a month time: Lady Fetishdea, the only Italian Mistress to be nominated "best world Mistress", will attend again and will take me and Her sissy maid marta too... we will be filming some movies too... i believe this will be a mind blowing experience! Right, i really have to go now, i have a long list of  duties today... bye everyone!

It is nearly 2 o'clock, in the morning, and i am still working for my Lady. Isn't this a privilege? Today is my fifth day here in Italy and i am getting to know my Mistress better and better. It doesn't mean that i am already an efficient servant, but i am learning more and more about Her likes and dislikes and about Her ways. There are so many things to do over here. She should have at least 3 full time slaves working for Her: this is why i feel that i am not doing enough. It can be frustrating as i would like to do much more for Her. She is a very clever Woman who really knows how to treat Her slaves: She is demanding but at the same time understanding and leaves me fulfilled and happy all the times. i could't desire another Owner. i still spend my nights in the garden, in a dog house, and i spend most of the days in Her company, going shopping for Her, assisting in Her while sessioning, taking care of Her home, and doing computer work. She would love to spend some time abroad, ideally in London, where the Fetish scene is much more developed than in Italy. i would love to take Her there one day, to the clubs i like so much. Maybe the Rubberball will be the occasion... In about 10 days we will be making a movie together in an open field, the techniques are still to be decided... i have learnt a very important lesson so far: i should never disclose to Lady Fetishdea my worse fears and what disciplines i would be happy to avoid: She could adopt them when not happy with me! Always respecting but pushing my limits...
Now it is time for me to go to sleep. See you soon! slave edward
Today is exactly one week since i got to Italy and start serving the most attractive Mistress i ever served. Today has been a beautiful one. Mistress has decided to take a day off, and i went with Her first on the lake Garda, to meet a friend of Her, and then to Milan for some shopping. i was waiting for Her and Her friend outside while they were inside the shops trying designer clothes, carryng Her bags, and never allowed to speak unless told to do so. She has an incredible power over me, She knows how to make people happy to obey Her. There are really a few things i wouldn't do for Her. i would do anything that is within my reach. i feel very lucky for being allowed at Her presence and for being given the chance to be useful to Her. She is now laying in Her bed, resting after a long day out, i will continue to do as much computer work as She wants me to, and then i will humbly and quietly go to sleep outside in the dog house happy and proud to be Her property.

Today has been another beautiful day with my new Mistress. i really think i couldn't find a better Lady to work for. She pays so much attention to my needs that i feel  like i am never doing enough for Her. What a splendid Lady!!! Today She also grant me the great honour of worship Her splendid tiny feet while i was laying on the floor doing some computer work. Everyday She also applies a bondage to my manhood for about several hours, and everytime i feel  "happy to see Her", which is always, i get  an intense and increasing pain all over my most intimate parts. But suffering pain is nothing but part of my duties. i am convinced that Lady Fetishdea is a true classy Goddess, very elegant and naturally dominant. i met a few Ladies in the past, but i never felt so happy to be a slave.
She can be demanding and bitchy, but also focused on my feelings and needs. Of course this doesn't change our nature: She is always on top and i am lucky to be under Her.
Being so ridiculous and probably pathetic, this afternoon i made Her laugh, but while She was drinking some water. She started coughing and nearly suffocated. i felt responsible so from now on i will pay more attention. She did't punished me though, because She was very amused by my stupidity. She also made me wear a leather bra, and only five hours after i realised that it had some nais in it. i am really stupid...
Tonight She will probably go to a club on the Lake Garda, and i will have the honour to escort Her and serve Her in public.
slave edward, property of Lady Fetishdea.
wow, i have reached day number 10 here in Italy, under the gorgeous Lady Fetishdea. I haven't posted a lot of messages in the past few days, but not because i am getting lazy. i regularly spend several hours every day in front of Her computer following Her orders, which is something i don't like very much simply because i don't get on with technology. it's mainly because there are so many things to do, being a very busy Mistress. i am really happy with my training, She is a very clever and caring Owner and She knows what goes through my mind at anytime. Because of this She holds a great power over me. Yesterday we went out and She met a couple of friends. We sat in a bar and She introduced me as Her slave." What does slave means?" asked one of them. She turned to me and slap my face, adding "This is an example". i really believe She is a genuine Domme, and not someone pretending. Yestrday She also slap me in a supermarket in front of a couple of customers. The strange thing is that i didn't feel embarassed at all, but proud and grateful for the training received.
Every morning my Mistress rings a little bell to inform me that my working day is about to start : i open my eyes and find myself in the dog house in the garden. then i have just a few seconds to collect my thoughts and and get ready, kneel in front of Her wishing Her a good day. Today my duty was to clean Her bedroom and Her bathroom. she owns a luxurious home, and all the cleaning has to be done accordingly. Because i started only a few days ago, my training is still ongoing, and She spends some of Her time instructing me
Last night i went through a very emotional time with Lady Fetishdea. In the past few days i started missing my family, my friends and my usual lifestyle. i decided to express my feelings to Her and i got to a point where i started thinking that i wasn't ready for this kind of relation. i have always felt submissive towards Women in my life, but i have never experienced a 24/7 relatioship before. She listened to me and then said that if this was what i needed then i was free to go. i really don't know what happened to me, but i suddenly started crying like a baby abandoned by his mother. i realise how important my Goddess is for me and how much i need Her. She has been training me and taking care of me just for two weeks but i am bounded to Her by a very strong link. i want to thank Her for what She is capable to give me day by day. i will do my best to stick to my original plan and learn something fronm this special Lady.
slave edward, proud property of Lady Fetishdea

sissy marta is among us
Yesterday i got up early as Lady Fetishdea was expecting the arrival of Her sissy maid marta who was expected to spend the week end working for the Mistress. We went to pick her up at the train station, Mistress introduced me to her and she seemed to me a very nice and down to heart person from the beginning: the three of us will also be going together at the OWK Celebrations in around two and half weeks, so it was nice to meet a little time before to get to know each other. When we got back home Lady Fetishdea put us in our place straight away, i was ordered to do some computer work which took me about 6 hours, while sissy maid started to clean and organize the house. i also got the pleasure to do some very basic pedicure for the Lady, but because it was my first time, She preferred to show me how to do it rather than allowing me to do all of it. i was glad because i got some help in the domestic duties from Her maid, which seems to be more efficient and perfectionist than me. Lady Fetishdea is planning to use four personal slaves to cover Her basic needs: She already owns a maid for domestic purposes, She has a web slave in me at the moment, but is looking for a new and more experienced one. When found one, She says i will be used as a general slave , taking care of several and different chores and be at Her service at any time. She is also looking for a money slave who would contribute to mantain Her high lifestyle.

This shows that She gives each slave the opportunity to express  and perform what he does best. We had lunch outside in the garden, served by sissy maid marta, who's  priority is to take care of this kind of duties.
To finish another beautiful day with Lady Fetishdea we went to a club on the Lake Garda where there was a performance by Katsuni, a well known international fetish and erotic artist: Lady Fetishdea who was the special guest, was also invited on the stage to take part in a very sensual burlesque act...

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