Slave Dog Pluto


Nick: Dog Pluto
City: Naples
Role: Distance slave, web secretary

I, the undersigned dog pluto, awesome of this request of

Since this moment called simply “pluto”, as slave, I submit by voluntary to my unique Mistress Lady Fetishdea, freely declaring and without conditioning, to have wish to be attended upon Her, to be received and suitably instructed by Her to enter a day in Her universe, I accept the following terms:
1 - I am awesome that, along the duration of the contract, I am a slave-servant owned by Her and declare to be also awesome of the conseguences of this situation.
2 - She might train me for Het total personal satisfaction and, if it is necessary, resort to corrective means to force me to obedience, even if that is in contrast with my desire or consent.
3 - I accept and submit myself to the punishments which She would like to inflict on me, I am awesome that I am allowed to implore freedom, or a merciful treatment, while being punished or instructed, but my freedom or treatment are ALWAYS at Her discretion, without conditioning of my claims.
4 - I accpet to adapt on the following attitudes:
- I will never give Her any trouble
-  I will never contradict Her
-  I will never escape from “forced chastity” without Her permission
-  I will quickly inform Her if I will contradict one of this rules
5 - I accept to adapt on the following attributes of slave in any moment
- obedience
- speed in the execution of the orders
- competence in the execution of the orders
- success in the execution of the orders
6 - I am awsome that since this moment my body and my mind belong only to Her and She is allowed to use every corrective and training method in case in which She thinks it is necessary.
Awesome of the request of  CUSTODY-SLAVERY CONTRACT and of all of its rules, I totally grant myself to Her, Lady Fetishdea.
It is intended that the present contract has life duration without possibilty of recess and that it can  be canceled only by Her, because of my nonfulfilment or for every reason which will be submitted to Her unchallengeable judgement.
Dog pluto

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