Slave Dog Sitter


Nick: Dog Sitter
Città: Milano
Ruolo: Dog sitter, facchino, giardiniere


I racconti dello Slave Dog Sitter....

Ciao Darwin” is on TV tonight, but I decide not to watch it. Instead, I go out until late. It’s ok though, because I can record it on DVD and watch it later. That way, I can delete the adverts… because you don’t break a story, you don’t stop emotions; the Goddess must be watched without adverts, like those meaningful movies on TV. You need to respect their contents. No adverts!
So, I start watching the recording, but there’s no trace of the program; it looks like an endless Lavazza’s advert: Bonolis is there, De Laurenti is there, and Heaven itself (meaning FetishDea) is there – the more you send Her down (to Rome) the more She brings it up (the Audience)* – but perhaps it was an advert for “L’Ammazza**”, given that the performance of our Divine Goddess knocked down all 300 men in the audience… as Pisacane prophetised in the poem “La Spigolatrice di Sapri”: “They were 300, they were young and strong and they died”.
FetishDea is now surrounded by Her own perfume of success. And that is not the perfume that all other women use, “Chanel n.5”… not at all… she only uses “Canale n.5***”
In the different challenges – from ironing to lap-dancing – our Supreme Goddess showed sensuality, elegance, class.
Only the French language is suitable to describe her traits: the most sophisticated menus are written in French, with expressions such us: “à la page”, “noblesse oblige”, “savoir-faire”.
So, you should not be surprised to hear that French is a language that our Goddess knows, and she will soon use it to tame Bonolis. How, you may ask?
Calling him to Her with Her perfect French accent: “Paolo Bonolì, Bòno…lì, Bòno…lì!”.
The best performance since San Francesco and the wolf of Gubbio…
Little by little “Bòno…lì” will see a collar appearing around his neck. A collar with a ring to which our Goddess will attach a leash: so that soon, Bonolis will find, without Darwin’s help, the true “Missing Ring”.
*  Lavazza is an Italian brand of coffee. “The more you send it down, the more it brings you up” is Lavazza’s tagline.
** Playing on the words “Lavazza” and “L’Ammazza”, which literally means “She kills him”
***”Canale n.5” is the TV channel broadcasting “Ciao Darwin”
A Goddess, two Goddesses, an idi…

 At 13 o’clock, lights are switched on my dark existence.
The person switching them on appears to me at the window of Her villa: She is Fetishdea.
When She opens the door, my instinct one and the same with Her command: to kiss Her divine feet. That to me is not an excess of gallantry, but it is simply part of the protocol.
To start with, my Lady orders me to clean the garden. Once I have completed my duty, She orders me to kneel down, next to Her, while she answers both the numerous emails and the mobiles phones that ring continuously; the soundtrack to our afternoon. Only a few lucky men are granted a chat with the Goddess.
During one of those rare moments of complete silence, I present my Queen with a gift for Her birthday: a beautiful dress in latex, very similar to the one she wore in Germany, where I had the honour to escort Her (I’m the person in the picture on the homepage of this group).
In the meantime, someone is ringing the doorbell. It is one of Her photographers… and, suddenly, the room is enlightened. I look in his direction, but he’s not using his camera flash or his lights. So I turn back and I find the source of light: it is a beautiful woman, it is… Goddess Desyderia, Fetishdea’s assistant. Her skin is like velvet and her body is perfectly toned. The harmony of her figure leaves me speechless. But not my eyes; they speak; and they are saying: “I bow to Your curves”.
Then, the photographer shows Her some pictures he took recently. Goddess Desyderia sits in front of the computer; she writes and sends a message to the whole yahoo group (it is the message n. 343).
She sent the message before She had the time to sign it, but I can confirm to you that She authored it.
In the meantime Fetishdea concludes a session with a guest - to whom she gives a pair of used stockings – and there is just enough time to park me in the internal garden as two important people are about to arrive. To entertain them, Fetishdea will act together with Goddess Desyderia.
After half an hour, suddenly, I am kidnapped by the two Goddesses, I’m blindfolded, a bag is put over my head and I’m guided to the cellar, because I am not allowed to see the two super-guests who will be present during the session.
The Goddesses put me on my knees and start whipping me with a rigid whip, ordering me to count each blow and after each blow say “Thanks Mistress”, “Thanks MyLady”. To start with, I receive 30 blows on my back, then, once I’m naked, I receive 30 more blows on my buttocks. Perhaps due to the commotion, I make a mistake in counting the blows. So They decide to pinch my nipples and then pull me with chains while I am on all fours. I even learn to bark.
While I’m lying with my face to the ground, They step on my back, both barefoot and with Their shoes. To end the session, I receive 30 more blows – for a grand total of 90 – which goes beyond my personal best (I’m still a beginner).
When – once Their guests have left – they free me, I don’t fell free at all, but I feel I am even more Their prisoner, because – even if I did not see Them – I was conquered by Their authority and Their charm, which vibrated more than Their whips. They were totally in control, They owned me and in my mind there was no room for anyone else. I didn’t even perceive the presence of Their guests.
But, if I could have seen Them, I would have been overwhelmed by this “stream of light”, I would have been blinded, like Papillon, who, when he finally saw light, after years spent in a dark cell, seek protection for his eyes under the bed he used to sleep on.
At this point, Goddess Desyderia leaves us; Fetishdea, has enough time to give a lesson to a new slave, who receives an autographed copy of the DVD that sees her protagonist at the OWK.
It is already dinner time and I have the honour to escort the Goddess to the restaurant. Dinner is followed by a night out at a private club where She will deliver an amazing performance with Steven, a slave of Hers that certainly does not need an introduction.
For some reason I am not allowed in, unless I pay 130 euros. So I decide to renounce... “paying another steep price” instead.
It is almost dawn when we get back home, and I go to sleep in the dog’s house. But even confined in the dog’s house, I do not see walls; my roof is the sky, because my house lies on the sacred floors of Fetishdea’s palace.
I spend the following day cleaning the garden, the loft and the floors. I make a lot of mistakes and receive the rightful complaints of my Lady.
And every time She comes down from her pedestal to teach me how to perform my duties, She gets back to an ever higher pedestal, for the elegance of Her movements.
She is not solely authoritarian, but She is also an authority, because – and this is rare in modern society – Fetishdea gives orders showing that she knows best and being an example to everyone else.
When at night, kneeling in front of Her, She asks me for an opinion, demoralised at how incapable I am, I can only tell Her: “I cannot be happy if You are not”.
Only when we are traveling I remember how the Lady told me that everything looked better after I finished my duties. That means that She appreciated some of my work and that was enough to make me happy (even though I remain an idi…)
The kings of the past, always surrounded themselves with scientist, artists, luminaries. They new that being close to them, learning from them, they could reach the supreme luxury. I often ask myself if being close to Fetishdea for a day, makes me king and not slave, because I experience the same luxury. The luxury of being close to a Goddess. Enlightened by the light of Her beauty. A beauty my eyes will never get used to. Enlightened by Her knowledge, Her authority, Her sensitivity.
That is why I am anxious to learn everything and as quickly as possible. To be useful to Her, to comply with Her requests, to increase Her power, because the power of a Queen cannot express itself if, due to the ineptitude of the slave, it cannot fulfill its desires.
It is like a knight who wants to ride without a horse.
And here, for me, the only true ruler is Her. Only Her.
A weekend with the Goddesses

When the Goddess calls for me – like the famous saying goes – at dawn, whether I am a lion or an antelope, I have to run… to run at Her feet.
I have to escort Her to a photographic shooting, where She will pose for some artistic nudes. I have the honour to sit in front of Her and to assist Her in all Her needs.
The photographer takes about 1000 photos, some of them standing, some of them on his knees, some of them laying on the floor.
It’s easy to understand which pictures will be the best ones. I don’t even need to look at them. The best ones will be the ones he takes on his knees at the feet of the Goddess… because it is in this position that the photographer can add value to the pictures. For the rest, it is Fetishdea the person that with Her natural sublime expressions, “captures” the pictures and (to use the tennis jargon) she “breaks the service” (of the photographer) and “conquers the set” (the photographic set).
Later during the day, I accompanied Her back to the palace. I carried my duties in the house till late and then we are joined by the gorgeous Goddess Desyderia, just in time for a dinner at the restaurant. Then we move to Lake Garda, where the two Goddesses are meeting an admirer for a session. I face a big risk: to bump into the police. They will certainly fine me as I am traveling with two Goddesses without the plate “EXEPTIONAL Tranport”.
We are very late and Fetishdea who is driving my little run-down car, is going too fast. I should have told her “Mistress, please make me Your slave, do not enslave my car…”, I was sure that the guest was happy to wait for Them as he spoke to Them on the phone and surely The sound of Their voices was enough to convince him to wait for Them forever, if needed. And that is exactly what happened. The session lasted twice as long than we expected and we got back to Vicenza at dawn.
I went to sleep in the dog’s house till Fetishdea woke me up to the light sparking from Her eyes.
Now I have to clean the garden and the house. Then, together with another slave who is updating Her website, we eat in the conservatory the meal that the Divine prepared for us.
After lunch, Goddess Desyderia came back and together with Fetishdea spent the afternoon teaching a few lessons to some of Their slaves. I assumed that is what They were doing from the sound of the whips that I could hear while working in the garden.
While I’m carrying my duties, Fetishdea supervises me. She appears once in a while to give me orders that I execute blindly. So blindly that I cannot even see the dirt I’m leaving behind.
“She who all other women strive and fail to be” once appeared also when I’m on a ladder to clean the top of a wardrobe. That is the only time she made a mistake.
Fetishdea made a mistake? Yes. Something inside me was rebelling and my subconcious was trying to explain to me the reason of that rebellion: She forced me to look at Her from top to bottom and the true me could not control himself at this sacrilegious image; at the image of a miserable slave and an unachievable Goddess on the same level.
It is not a coincidence that my mood is at its peak only when I’m crawling at Her feet.
It is at Her feet, below Her feet that I leave. My residence, my natural habitat is there.
Perhaps people will start mailing me at Her feet.
Once my duties are completed, Goddess Desyderia initiates a session with me. And it is clear that She is doing so following the wishes of Fetishdea, who couldn’t have a better assistant than Goddess Desyderia. And Goddess Desyderia couldn’t have a better Mistress than Fetishdea.
She is so unique that, even if I showed some impulses of rebellion towards Her in my emails, she decided to keep me as a slave and to make me Her total and perfect servant. For this and other reasons that remain secret, I felt a shock (of the 9th degree of the Richter scale). Not a magnitude but a magneto that attracts me towards Her. She chose me, and that is why I belong to Her.
It feels like being knocked out. Knocked out by Her understanding. I can only feel friendly hands trying to save me. Carrying me but not to happiness, because under the weight of such grace it is me who despairs to belong to Her and it seems impossible to me to increase my emotions for Her, to bring them higher than Her emotions, as this is by any means impossible.
That is why I revert the saying “between saying and doing there’s a whole ocean”, because even if one day I will be able ‘to do” for Her what She deserves, as Fetishdea forecasts, I will always fail “to say” the words She deserves, as there are no suitable words in our language to worship Her.
Up until now, it is on the photographic sets that I saw Her smile. Also due to my poor services that stimulates in Her (to use an artistic simile) the famous “Scream of Munch”… but one day, I would like to emulate Leonardo Da Vinci in Mona Lisa: I would like to paint on Her Divine face, the most beautiful smile.

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