Slave Erik


slave Erik 01 01 2009

Thanks for everything my Mistress, I'm so happy to know you because you are a wonderful person, unique
and full of humanity, affection and altruism.

These are immense treasures of which perhaps you are not fully aware of their possession.
Do not be afraid of life because life supports people like you, do not worry if something does not go as
it should go because I am sure that life will always be meeting to solve your problems,
to help to give you a word of comfort or advice.
We are so far away and we can't meet often, but I can always feel you here beside me and hear your voice and look at your eyes so bright and sincere, and I really feel you in my heart. Love knows no distance, no worries of time,
for Love exists only the eternal present. Be happy because you are not alone and never will be.
Try to appreciate what you have, and I do not mean houses and money, but the human wealth that is inside you.
I open my heart to you so that you can mirror and see you in a different way so that you can trust in what you are 
and in what you do.
Happy New Year, Mistress, I am and I should be always close to you

My Lady and My Mistress!

I was amazed when I read what You wrote me in Your Group ; it moved me, and left me speechless.  It is too beautiful, I don’t think  I deserve it. I just tried to always serve You with love and devotion. I always think of You, too, and You are always in my heart of hearts.  What a lot of time I thought what nice would have it been if we had been closer; what a lot of time I thought about the many and many things I would have done for You.  I say “Thank You”, with all my heart. To serve and love You has been to me an overwhelmingly beautiful experience.  You can rely on my help, even if what I can do it is really nothing.  Do not hesitate to ask me whatsoever You may want, You never disturb. I will always stand by You or, if You so prefer, I will lay at Your feet to love and serve You.  Thank You, just because You exist.  Your very humble and devoted, Erik"  1 La dizione nel testo è “sul Suo gruppo”. Ritengo che l’Utente intendesse dire “nel Suo Gruppo”. In questo caso la traduzione è “in Your group”.  

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