Sissy maid

Now a world of infinitive possibilities is going to be opened, nothing is impossible in life!
I want to encourage you to explore your fantasies and  I will learn you how to realize them, we will build together your new imagine which will be perfect on you, I will learn you how to make up, to comb and dress up and think as maid Sissy.

You will be turned into elegant women wrapped in silk aprons, ribbons, glovers, heels, you will get all the necessary equipements which we will enrich for all the different occasions to which you will take part.

I will trasform your way of walking, you will learn to serve me, my friends and my guests. You will learn to make respectful curtsies. You do not have idea of what will happen to my unworthy Sissies. Under my guidance you will be educated to become housewives, you will work hardly under my strict control

There are many roles to carry out:

Governess Sissy
Wardrobe Sissy
Maid Sissy
Lady companion Sissy
Dishwasher Sissy
Sissy assigned to the kitchen

Nel Mio Regno vi  è gia' una Sissy maid fedele perfettamente addestrata interagire con  Sissy Maid Marta accrescera' la tua fiducia in voi stessi e sarà d'incentivo a fare sempre piu' e sempre meglio.

In my kingdom there is already a faithful Sissy maid perfectly trained to interact with Sissy Maid Marta will make grow your self-trust  and will encourage you to do even more even better

le scarpe delle Sissy

i grembiulini delle Sissy


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