Foot fetishism


All on the fetishism of the foot and the shoes.

From the pleasure to look at beautiful feet put on some sandals to the curious Pedal Pumping, the excitement to observe the naked feet stir on the pedals of the automobile...

"Some men know whether to let to the women that we are the most beautiful sex to remember. Know whether to rub with their hands and the language, our nice feet and enameled" (Kylie Minogue)

Foot, pious "Bestially sexual!", so Mick Jagger answered to whom asked him what meant it had that foot inside a tall shoe of black varnish on the cover of his/her Lp Some girls. Yes, the foot is erotic and with the friend shoe is even more it. But it is not sex: it is something of very a lot of more refined and ancient.

We love our feet, tant'è that every woman's (I am sure when I tell him) passion they are the shoes. We adore the footwears, the men also what is inside. To the point to create groups, sites, portals, meetings to theme. They become fetishists.

But what is the meaning of "fetishist?"

The term simply means "lovers of the particular" The passion for the feet has, inside the possible fetishisms, its history and its dignity.
In the Chinese medicine, we for example find, that the foot is the origin and the base of the human health.
In the Arabic culture the foot of the woman brings the signs of its history drawn with henné
In the western tradition the messages have origin from the shoe in which we insert our foot: we are of the vamps if we wear dagger, of the hard women and toste if we bring amphibians, of the managers series and incorruptible if we walk in black moccasins. Leaving the word to the impassioned ones of feet (our men), we discover that the foot of a woman, inserted or within a shoe, seduces at times, and it enmeshes a lot more than a naked body.
Every group (and every tendency) has however its foot-fetish.
The fetishists dark, punk and sadomaso adore shoes with the wedges and boots.
The worshippers "pure" of the foot they go out of head for the sandals infradito.
Who goes crazy instead for the heels 12 and point to pin, he/she doesn't know him/it, but ripercorrendo is the passions of illustrious progenitors. From 1100 to 1300, in fact, the more footwears in fashion had stung long up to 50 centimeters, and they were to form of claw of lion, of beak of eagle, of fault. Today, the punitive shoeses exist instead, shoes that imitate the footwears of the classical ballerinas in forced (on the point) position.

The foot's adoration:

This English word means "adoration of the foot." Under the term a lot of practices of fetishism of the female extremities reenter: to lick, to kiss or to enjoy of their perfume.
Here is a vademecum:

The Worship is her foot caressed (naked and sheathed in stockings) by masculine hands
The feet kissing it is the practice in which the feet of the woman are kissed
The feet licking it is when the feet are licked
The feet sniffing it calls this way the gesture to sniff them
it makes you feeding from feet when eats food from her footsies
The toesucking is particularly refined and delicate: the fingers we are sucked one for one
The facestanding it is practical hard: her salt with the feet on his face
The feet massage is the practice in which the woman makes him massage the feet.
The footjob is a practice a lot of hard, in which the woman with its feet, masturbates the man
Fetishism of the shoe
Heelpopping it is a charming gesture: the woman the shoe raises him showing the naked (or in the nylon) foot to the man.
The Trampling is a practice in which he makes him stamp on from her, that often wears heels to pin to increase the pain.
The Pedal Pumping is a gesture that reenters in the quotidianità: him test pleasure and excitement in to observe the feet, often naked, to stir on the pedals of the automobile, particularly on that of the accelerator

Mistress Fetishdea with slave Siifelice

Adventure by slave Gemini

The Shoes 122
It was friday when one of Her rings arrived on my cell phone. Without hesitating a moment i told to my superior that i had to go with urgency. i took my car and run towards the royal house of Lady FetishDea. They are so rare occasions those when She rings me because The Mistress needs me.
I come to the royal house and park where i can. Then i run towards the gate and i answer to the ring. The gate opens authomatically. i enter.
As soon as i come in, obviously,  i kneel and go towards Her wonderful living room. There i find a note on the table: it's written "sell the 122 for me" and there was a little key under it.
i had the opportunity to be in contact with the Mistress's over 300 pairs of shoes; only one time i had had this honour, when i was commanded to classify and number them. It is a fantastic experience: a room full of Her scent, of the scent of Lady FetishDea's power. i took the key and went in that room to look for the Shoes number 122.
The thing was more difficult than i forecasted because the shoes were no more ordered: those worn by The Goddess after my ordering, had been thrown by Her on the floor, in a disordered way (it is not a critic: obvious that those things are not to be done by Her).
So i understood that my duty was to reorder everything from the beginning: even if, i admit, i did it in particular to try to atract Her goodness towards me. Maybe finally, seeing the room so tidy, She would allow me to kiss Her Feet.
I started quickly the work, i used few more than an hour to order them and to underline the numbers that were not readable clearly.
Finally, after much work, i saw the shoe number 122.
At number 122 there were a pair of mules in red skin, wonderful and so used, with a long thin heel. Among the strasses, on the skin of the sole i could read not easily Giuseppe Zanetti or Zanotti, i could not say. The only imperfection: the lateral buckle was unsticked, it needed reparations. But The Mistress had decided to sell the pair of shoes directly to buy another one.
i stayed so much time there to admire them, to breathe the scent of their (and my) Owner; i saw the number, obviously 36: it could not be any other, but i had to be sure, i needed another proof that i was in contact with Her shoes, that i was not only living a beautiful dream.
I stayed there to think about it for a while, then i decided: i would have gone to Lady FetishDea and i would have begged Her to give me those shoes, as a reward for my continuous services and my devotion towards Her.
Decided, i stood up and went out of that room. i gave another afflicted breathe, then closed with the key going to the living room. There i tried to understand where The Divine Goddess was: i tried in the kitchen and in the box room, the only places where i was allowed to go. Then i knocked at the bathroom and bedroom door, but no answer. Then i saw Her in Her wonderful garden, comfortably sitting on a sunchair to be caressed from the sun.
How beautiful She was! with those strong legs, those feet as small as good to reduce me in a state of ethernal slavery. i kneeled authomatically, like an impulse. Then, with respect, i asked Her permission to go there.
She, elegant as always, removed Her sunglasses and commanded me to come on.
- Come here, slave.
- Mistress, allow me to say You that when i am in front of You...
- You took the shoes, i see.
- Yes Madam.
She put my hand, with long polished nails, under my chin, telling me:
- Now you will sell them and will earn at least 300 euro, that you will give Me in five days.
- Madam, i would like to ask You if it is possible...
- Kiss My hand.
She gave me Her wonderful hand, removing it from my chin, and i kissed Her ardently, in love and withouth thinking that even this time i had not been able to ask Her a favour. i had liked to insist, but Lady FetishDea could frighten me, that was not a new thing. i was, and am, subjugated by Her.
- Now stop. you may go, slave.- She told, putting again Her sunglasses and coming back to let the sun warm over Her.
i went away with low eyes, a bit sad. Then, as the last hope, i tried a desperated move: "i reordered all Your shoes, my Goddess"."Logic", She answered, putting Her headphones over Her ears.
Even sadder, with those beautiful shoes in my hands, i went out of Her royal house.
I did not manage it. i know, i should have executed the commands, i should have sold Her used mules, but i did not manage. So when i came back to The Mistress Madam i gave Her 400 euro telling Her that it was the earned money for the sale, and did not confess that it was my money, and i had payed to be able to have those mules with me, to be able to worship and breathe them. i licked the whole sole, i made them bright and sucked the whole scent...
i thought that The Mistress Madam did not forbid me to buy Them, so i did not make a bad thing. the only problem is that i did not tell Her that i sold them to myself, but who cares? this thing tormented me, and i was afraid to disappoint Her, to be no more called by Her to order Her shoes, to have no more the privilege to serve Her everytime She wanted.
i could not manage it. Some days ago i wrote Her on messenger, confessing Her that who had had the honour to buy those mules was me.
For some time She did not answer, then She told me that She was happy of my confession.
And if Lady FetishDea was happy, so was i. Then She added that i could keep the mules other three days, then i had to put them on sale and give Her other 400 euro.
I begged Lady fetishDea to allow me to keep those mules, that i was a slave like all the other ones, but The Mistress Madam did non answer and, correctly, blocked me.
Now i have to make a public confession... i bought again those mules, giving Lady FetishDea other 400 euro. i did not want to tell Her this time, in order to keep those rare jewels for me, but i cannot manage it. i am so afraid to loose Her forever.

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