Photographer P.W.Czernich 




Photographer Michele Marchese

Latex … a very particolar material … stretch … perfumed … glittering if it is well polished … it can create a “marmoreal” effect . Magically when we wear a dress … or better a catsuit, a slow transformation begins because latex slide on our body … it envelops us gently but close-fitting. The transformation is what I call “The body gummed”. Latex starts to cover feet and then legs … the bust … and so after the arms go through the sleeves of the catsuit … now it is one of the most beautiful moment … when you close the zip … from below … starting from the behind going up … till closing it under the neck … fantastic!!! Well, we are sheathed in a gum body, but the gumming of the body continues… now we can wear a mask of latex … in this moment the fantasy and the taste of the “latex lover” flow in different solutions … and so our face is gradually hidden from the mask we have chosen … maybe the only human details left are eyes and mouth (you can try to wear make up now … a little bit of eye-shadow … mascara … and complete all with a red fire lipstick … ehi!!! I am talking also with you little boys!!!) Wow!! Impeccable … hands left bare .. but with a pair of black latex gloves (I love black) we have finished with our dress … we are completely latex covered … a rare non human skin … it has transformed us into a “gum creature” … now polish in an homogenous way the outfit … gum will start to shine and watching at us in front of the mirror a shiver surely makes tremble our body. We are not ourselves anymore … we have became a “being” … the age is not recognized … the lineaments of our face … maybe also the gender of the person contained in the latex could be hardly identified …tell me … is it not fantastic? Gradually latex became warm and it will fit better to our body curves. Heath released by our body will increase the latex perfume in the air … latex has became our “Second skin” … to the next meeting.

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