Call them aesthetics


it is the definition of shifting the sexual aim to a substitute, for  instance a part of the body, a personal quality or an object or garment. The word comes from Portuguese, during the XVIII century, when slave merchants met for the first time local African tribes. The merchants called “feitico” those objects that these tribes used to worship. The word feitico come from latin “factitius” that means “artificial”. The original meaning was to indicate like that all those objects that through a technical process used to represent some natural event such as fertility, manhood, etc

Why call them fetishists?

These people are admirers; aesthetics. They love human details and they are usually not appreciated by the most. Sometimes, they have the 5 sense more developed than others. An example

The fetishist of smelling loves natural scents, human body scents that usually get covered by deodorants. Groin, armpit, hands and feet and more…there are zones that usually get treated by deodorants….and with the fetishist they come back on top as they deserve. Natural, primitive, true.

The fetishist of the “eyes” has his/her own cultural and noble theory. Voyeurisme looks like a bad word. But after all what photographers, film directors, artist…do? What about the unforgettable Caravaggio paintings who used to spy with passion the movements of the human being? The Voyeur watches…Alberto Moravia the writer titled “the man who watches” to one of his best seller. But is is not only Moravia to make justice to this pleasure. The fetishist of the eyes continuously appreciate many forms of beauty also those not so popular. Wearing stockings, lifting a skirt, moving hair….these and many other things are part of the Voyeur life, and would be a crime to ignore it.

A separate charter is dedicated to the skin fetishist. Those who enjoy to slightly touch the skin, or a material…to get unique pleasure. A chapter of the book “Seta” written by Alessandro Baricco would be enough to understand what is all about when touching some silk. Silk is so smooth, Velvet so thick, or the roughness of a shaven surface, the wet pleasure through stockings or pants….this is skin and touch fetish. What else could be more sublime?

For the taste fetishist would be enough food. But that would be minimalistic. Beyond that, there is much more. Tastino is not just doing it, but to live again and try again many times and times again the same feeling. Meat, fish, dry fruit, cream….but also some saliva, savoury sweat, a rough lip, a savoury clit. And more could be said.

Not much is said about hearing fetish. Maybe becasue when hearing or overhearing is not such a good thing to do, however if there are fantastic musicians …similarly there should be fine hearing fetishist. Our hears are the same, such a shame that sounds going through them are judged in different ways.

Monica Maggi 

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