Chastity Forced

Chastity Device

At First, once you wear a chastity device, you will feel your penis slightly heavier: it won’t necessarily feel painful but you will definitely experience something different. With your penis pulled downwards you will feel a pleasant sensation that will result in a frustrating erection. Those men who are accustomed to be in chastity for long periods might even feel naked and exposed without their chastity device on. Once in chastity, you will reminded constantly of your position vis à vis your Mistress. She will keep the keys of your cage and it will be only up to her to decide whether you will be granted release. Once in chastity, you will be constantly made aware that you have given up control of your erections as a testimony of your love and devotion to your Goddess.

Once accustomed to your chastity device, at times it will feel as if your cage was slightly stroking your penis which will in turn increase your pleasure and your pain. The beginning of your path towards chastity will feel more like a an “exciting pain” rather than an excruciating pain. Wearing a chastity device will make it difficult to feel comfortable in some day to day situations and will be highly frustrating in some circumstances. It will take some time to adapt both physically and psychologically to your new device.
At first, the ring fixing the device to your scrotum will make you feel uncomfortable and will give you an itching sensation. Using a high quality lube and/or a soothing cream around your genitals will help you to get used to the device and will make it easier to turn or twist the cage if needed in order to improve your comfort. At the beginning it will be necessary to adjust the width of the ring to make sure that the cage fits your penis properly. It is good practice to remove the device after the first few hours of usage to ensure that no skin abrasions have been caused by the cage. As a general rule, your cage will not feel comfortable straight “out of the box”. However, provided a sufficient level of care and hygiene is maintained at all times, you will slowly get used to it and you will be ready for some fulfilling weeks in complete chastity. 
By wearing a chastity device and thus having less orgasms as a result, you will have to learn to focus more on other erogenous zones of your body: neck, nipples, ears, testicles and why not, your anus. Through chastity and orgasm denial you will develop a higher level of receptivity towards your lover and you will realize that your penis is absolutely unnecessary for a fulfilling sexual encounter. You will learn to appreciate your body without any genital orgasms and you will become a better lover, discovering new ways to arouse and stimulate the body of your Mistress. Giving pleasure to your Goddess will become your reward.  Wearing a chastity device will remind you of your Goddess at all times. Every single time that you will go to the toilet you will be reminded that the key to your erections and to your orgasms belongs to your Goddess.  


There are two situations in which a male can enjoy the climax to have sex. One is during the training of submission to his Mistress. It allow the slave to be the highlight as it experiences or doing something that humiliates; the condition to want to be humiliated by her Mistress and be happy in such a condition, I love to leave my slave masturbate while below me make it an object of my "Golden Shower" at the exact moment when he reaches her orgasm.

In his mind from then on the extreme humiliation that he tried, will always be connected to the extreme pleasure that makes him want to be humiliated again and again and happily accept his devotion and submission to Me.
The second is when a Mistress decides to permitt slave masturbation under her control; always controlled by mistress, and direct observation to understand that giving the male masturbation is a privilege, a gift from his Mistress and not allowed a law and will be 'used to reinforce his submission and subordination to his mistress. One of several positions to achieve masturbation is when the slave is the genuflection at the feet of his Mistress, to claim that the slave is naked makes it even more' exalting his inferiority, vulnerability and submission to the eyes of the Mistress ...

When I feel that the slave is sufficiently prepared for a good test to test his devotion is to present it to my friends who enjoy the fun in watching a slave under strict sexual control of women, the show increases its slave humiliation.. The Mistress orders and follows the slave while it develops its action, conducts the performance. The friends enjoy having the opportunity 'to comment and laugh at him, the slave is kept in focus with the power and control of Mistress. When he is allowed to reach orgasm and the slave obey must have to do it with down head, with humility' and propane at the moment where the Mistress is satisfied in its power to rule, at this point is required to the slave to crawl before his mistress, and her friends if they do, the slave must 'prove to be truly worthy of the attentions of his mistress, he wants to make happy, it must be the goal of every male.



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