Servo & Body Bag

 An evening under the feet of the divine LADY FETISHDEA "

An evening returned home by the job, as always I seat me ao the computer to read the Mail.

Among the mail I find a Message of Lady Fetishdea that she invites me to an evening in his home for to go off some Photos with another slave.

This has made me happy, they were months that I didn't see the Lady and I have confirmed the meeting.
I reached at 08:00 pm, just entered I saw the LADY deressed with Suit coos and jacket color camel, stockings in shade and sandals beige leather.

Rhesuses free to the divine Lady, I knelt me and I kissed her feet.
I realized me that in the angle there was another slave ( the name is Latex creature ), dressed with black fromm maid, white stockings, all in Latex, shoes, wig and latex mask.

The Lady told me to undressed. The Lady took a " Body Bag " and he told me to slip inside. This Sack in latex prevent every movement and it winds completely the slave from the neck to the feet and it is closed with a zipper on the back.

The only organ that sticks out is the penis as can to be drawn out from the Sack if the Lady decided to make it. An undescribable fantastic feeling.

I would like to remain inside the sack for more days... it is wonderful the feeling of submission is perceived. The other slave helped the LADY to slip me the mask of Latex.

She made me stretch on the floor putting the ass on my face while the other slave went off Photos to insert in the web-site of the LADY.After one hour has freed almost me from the Sack of Latex and envoy in knee for to kiss and to lick his feet.

For me it was a fabulous experience that I could like to be able to repeat.