Fetish Shoes

 Read very carefully My devotes !
This is intended to a few of you , to the best , to those that really  adore Me and wish something of Mine and have Me always next to them.
 I have decided to grant , only to those slaves that will prove to be 
worthy of it , some of My precious shoes which are full and rich of My 
These are the shoes you saw in My pictures and My videos.
 I will hand them over on the condition that these shoes will be adored and 
treated like My relics.
 In fact they have been weared by My divine Feet , have been trumpling over 
many of you , and are part of Me , unique and unrepeatable obiects.
 Send Me your request after having chosen the model that you like more and
I will despatch it to you , after having informed you privatly about the 
cost of it.
 The shipment will be made to the address you will indicate in anonymous