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My name is FetishDea, I am an international Fetish Model

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She's ability and experience are undisputed. She's attention for the details is freezing: she's sense of humor, She's subtle cruelty, She's sweet and cultured voice. All this and much more to ensure that a visit to Mistress FetishDea will leave an impact on you.
With an extraordinarily twisted fantasy and an affiliate spirit, Miss FetishDea has an innate knowledge of erotic fantasies that drive so many to look for the dreamed experience, these fantasies can be realized and can illuminate the darkest depths of the psyche. Is the most excellent Mistress, fascinating, and She's your sweet nightmare.
Miss FetishDea welcomes inquiries from those who seek a sophisticated and relaxed experience. She enjoys engaging on a personal handful level with those who seek something beyond the informal and uninvolved meeting. In fact, Miss FetishDea is particularly interested in approaches from those who wish to form a relationship longer and more reciprocal, who aspire in time to enter the exclusive group of favorites "friends"!
Before you call, Miss FetishDea strongly suggest to read the information on her website where you can admire portraits and experiences previously lived.

Please note:

It must clearly indicate their interests and fetishes.
Rough people and disrespectful approaches must refrain.
Mistress FetishDea does not accept bookings in the day, given the refined characted and considered the exclusive service, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required.
Miss FetishDea ensures that all correspondence is handled with the most discretion and confidentiality.

  • Smoking fetish
  • Foot _etishism
  • Latex
  • Money Slavery
  • Whip
  • Dangling

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